The Main Requirements Of Fitted Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

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The main requirements of fitted wardrobe for your bedroom

If you plan to design your bedroom in the modern style or there is a need to expand the space, pay attention to the fitted furniture. Fitted bedroom wardrobes solve a lot of problems concerning rational use of space and allow placing many things.

The Main Requirements To The Bedroom With Fitted Wardrobe

The main requirements to the bedroom with fitted wardrobe

As any other bedroom furniture, the fitted wardrobes must satisfy a list of requirements:

  • The first and the most important thing is the manufacturing material. You should always ask the manufacturer, what kind of materials he uses. The operating characteristics are not less important. Mostly, the fitted wardrobes act not only according to the destination. They can be used for the storage of towels and bedding. Anyway, the good furniture must withstand any loads.

  • Think thoroughly, how many clothes you want to hold there, and if you will move your furniture after a while. The thing is that the case furniture is much less than the fitted one, but they are easier to demount. Predetermine the place for the wardrobe and think about its depth.

  • The bedroom fitted wardrobes must be as comfortable as possible. Take your time and think over every shelf and section. However, it is better to hire a specialist for taking measurements and ask him to help you with the arrangement of the wardrobe sections.

The Interior Of The Bedroom With Fitted Wardrobe

The interior of the bedroom with fitted wardrobe

And now let’s dwell on the question of aesthetic part. When you choose the fitted bedroom wardrobes, you practically decorate one of the walls of your room. Only light colors will fit the small room. Try to choose the one-color coatings, or else you risk overloading the design.

The European design copes great with the task of space expansion. It includes simple white doors- coupe, without any decorations. If you want to raise the ceiling use vertical stripes. Another way to expand the wall is to place the wardrobe reaching the ceiling. The doors with glass or gloss coating will add light and fill the room with air.

The combinations of several variants of coating represent a cross between conservative wood and trendy plastic. For example, you can divide the door into sections and decorate them with the contrast combinations: several shades of wood, the combination of wood and bamboo or straw.


Your bedroom with fitted wardrobe will be modern, but at the same time comfortable and warm.

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