Should You Consider Buying A Luxury Silk Bed Linen?

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Should You Consider Buying a Luxury Silk Bed Linen

During many centuries Chinese recognize amazing qualities of silk, what are useful for human health. Silk consists of 97 % of proteins and 3 % of fats and waxes. But, why should you choose silk? Here’s why:

Why Should You Choose Silk Linen?

Why Should You Choose Silk Linen

One from silk proteins – fibrin – revitalizes the skin, slowing the aging process. It has a high possibility to keep moisture, that’s why it so popular in cosmetic industry. In silk fibers and silkworm cocoons are amino acids and proteins, what are used widely in manufacture of creams for moisturize and nourish the skin, means for skin care, what can healing micro cracks and help to smooth wrinkles.

Proteins are able to create thin membrane on the outer part of skin (epidermis), what prevents evaporation of moisture. At ancient time Chinese women had already knowledge about healing qualities of silk and rub bodies with piece of silk, making skin gentle and smooth.

Silk threads are incredibly smooth, that’s why fabric with them is so pleasant for body, slide on the skin and not cause irritation at friction. Sleep takes a significant part of the time of day (6-9 hours) and this time we can use with useful for health, sleeping on the organic silk bed linen. Silk is also resistant to the formation of mold and mildew, rot which can attack fibers of other fabrics. People with asthma, symptoms of fever or heat, feel better in bed with silk linen.

During thousands of year Chinese knew that silk helps with pain of rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to reduce the discomfort caused skin itch, and contributes to the prevention of vascular sclerosis. Silk has unique qualities, what allow it to provide more comfortable, calm and full relax. Bed linen of other fabrics hasn’t such great effects.

Should You Invest In Luxury Silk Bed Linen?

Should You Invest in Luxury Silk Bed Linen

Luxury silk bed linen can be compare with art works, because it has original cut, for its decoration are used different silk fabrics and embroidery of silk by silk, bead, tapes. Such sets of bed linen have a very high price. But high-quality and original goods never will be cheap, because are used expensive materials for creation them.

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