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My Pillow Reviews

When was your last “good night sleep”? Are you waking up every morning contented and well-rested? Personally, sleep was not my cup of tea for several years. I go to bed early in the evening. However, I find my sleep very shallow. Furthermore, my neck and back usually hurt. As a result, I wake up every morning wishing there’s at least 30 minutes more before my alarm.

Not having enough sleep affected my performance at work. In fact, it even came to the point that I missed my deadlines because of lack of focus. These events prompted me to dig deeper into the science behind sleep.

In this article, I will share with you some interesting facts and discoveries. In addition, I will give you some helpful tips and my pillow reviews that will put all your sleeping problems to bed (no pun intended).

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Why Is Sleep Important?Why Is Sleep Important?

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says sleep helps in your overall wellness. For example, it protects your mental and physical health. Furthermore, it greatly improves your quality of life.

Depression Took Kit adds it’s the best time when your body rejuvenates. Rebooting your system allows you to be prepared for the following day. Thus, sleep is something that you must not compromise.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?How Much Sleep Do You Need?

If you think sleeping every day does the trick, think again!

Apparently, you need to have enough amounts for it to be productive on your end. Before, all we knew is that we need to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Recently, the National Sleep Foundation specified the best sleep time for every age bracket.

They consider a lot of factors in determining the number of hours and came up with the following:

  • Newborn 14 to 17 hrs

  • Infants 12 to 15

  • Toddlers 11 to 14

  • Preschoolers 10 to 13

  • School Age Kids 9 to 11

  • Teenagers 8 to 10

  • Young Adults 7 to 9

  • Adults 7 to 9

  • Older Adults 7 to 8

As shown in the figures, as we grow old, the suggested hours of sleep decreases as children and newborns are still developing and growing. Hence, they need more sleep when most of the development in the human body takes place.

Click this link to compare the old and the new suggested number of sleeping hours!

Why Do People Can’t Get Enough Sleep?Why Do People Can't Get Enough Sleep?

Don’t get too depressed if you can’t reach the recommended number of hours of sleeping. Apparently, you’re not alone. In fact, more than 1/3 or approximately 83.6 million Americans say that they’re sleep deprived. This data is according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, if sleep is a form of rest and your body needs it, why can’t most people rest enough? Better Health enumerates the following reasons:

  • Lifestyle

    This reason is purely a personal choice. This is very common to people who don’t have anything to do at night after office hours. However, instead of staying at home to rest, the prefer to go out and socialize. As a result, there is a significant reduction in the number of hours that their body can rest. Moreover, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, and caffeine addiction are also some of the major contributing factors.

  • Medication

    When you’re under medication for a specific illness, your physician may prescribe a medicine that will keep you awake. Side effects like hypersensitivity and insomnia will definitely keep you up even in wee hours.

  • Work Cycle

    Due to the nature of your work, you may need to render shifting schedules on a weekly or monthly basis. The abrupt changes in your sleeping cycle will significantly impact your sleeping pattern. For example, when you’re on day shift, your body adapts to the pattern. However, once you’re transferred to a night shift, you’re body will have t readjust. This results in insufficient sleep during the transition period.

  • Change in Responsibilities

    Having a baby in the family is definitely a blessing. However, it may have a counterproductive effect on your pattern of sleep. Babies may wake up any time for feeding and changing diapers. Thus, it is expected that parents will have a very poor sleeping habits during the first few months of the baby.

  • Environment

    If you’re living in a community not conducive for a sound sleep, you will never get the full 8 hours. For instance, people living close to the road find it hard to complete their sleep because of the noise.

  • Pillows and Fabrics

    Did you know that your fabrics and pillows are also a factor in the quantity and quality of your sleep? Aside from comfort, using the right pillows provides support to your back and spine, the Daily Mail UK explains. As a result, you will wake up in the morning rested and in great condition.

Enough Sleep

Consequences Of Sleep DeprivationConsequences Of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep is a serious health concern that needs your immediate attention. Why? Because there is a slew of bad effects that roots from not having your 8-hr reboot time. According to a study from Sutter Health, you’re at risk of the following if you don’t have enough sleep:

  • Drowsiness and Distractibility

    Sleep-deprived drivers are the reason for 6000 car crash each year. Also, 1 in 25 adults fell asleep while driving because they haven’t had enough. These data are according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

  • Occupational Injuries

    Lack of focus while at work due to insufficient sleep can lead to unwanted accidents.

  • Anxiety and Mood Swings

    Your mind reboots itself when you sleep. Thus, depriving yourself of enough sleep will make you get irritated easily.

  • Obesity

    According to an article in the Huffington Post, sleep deprivation leads to weight gain. Apparently, your body releases more stress hormones when you don’t have enough sleep. These hormones also control your appetite. For this reason, the more you stay up late, the more you tend to eat. Other diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attacks are predicates of this condition.

  • Low Sex Drive

    Insufficient sleep has a direct relationship with your sex hormones level. For males, sleep deprivations substantially lower your testosterone level. As a result, a substantial decrease in your appetite for sex will become evident.

  • Weak Immune System

    Not having enough sleep also lowers the production of white blood cells. These cells act as your body’s defense force to combat sickness. Therefore, if your guards are down due to sleeplessness, it will be easy for you to catch diseases.

Do You Have The Right Pillow?

As I continue to search possible solutions for my sleeping problem, a friend asked me if I tried changing my pillow. All the while, I thought that pillows do not have any effect on my sleeping patterns. For several months now, I’ve been using the same set of pillows which are fairly comfortable for me. Eventually, I have found out that various kinds of pillows are available. So how would you know if you have the right kind of pillows? You need to ask yourself the following few questions:

What Is Your Sleeping Position?What Is Your Sleeping Position?

By far, this is the most important question you should ask yourself. Your sleeping position determines the kind of pillow you need for maximum support. For example, if you sleep on your front, a soft pillow with synthetic fillings is best for you. Meanwhile, if you’re a back sleeper, you need an orthopedic memory foam or high-fill down type. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side or a combination of all types, the medium synthetic type is perfect for you.

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Which Filling Is Best For You?

Just like your sleeping position, the filling of every pillow is also a major consideration. For instance, if you want maximum support, a wool filling is your best choice. Aside from providing excellent support to your neck, it maintains its soft wool feel.

In addition, it resists flattening by bouncing back after use. On the contrary, if you prefer comfort and adjustability, feather and down pillows will serve you best. However, you need to avoid these fillings if you have any history of allergies or asthma.

Meanwhile, memory foam pillow is the latest trend in the cushion industry. It is made of a dense, temperature-sensitive sponge-like material that can easily support your back and neck. As the name suggests, it easily aligns itself to the contour of your head and neck.

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Do You Have Sleeping Disorders?Do You Have Sleeping Disorders?

There is a corresponding pillow specifically made to address every sleeping problem. For example, in case of neck and back pain, you need to choose a pillow that helps straighten your back while sleeping. It will significantly reduce the stress on your spine.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Price will always be a crucial factor in every purchase. There are pillows that are less expensive, but the quality may not be top notch. Conversely, some products are very reliable but cost more than what you intend to spend. Therefore, you need to look for a product that gives you the best quality without spending much.

My Pillow – The Most Comfortable Pillow You’ll Ever Own

As I go over the available pillows in the market, I saw a product with great reviews from customers. My Pillow is a revolutionary invention of Mike Lindell. According to their website, it took him 10 years to come up with this cushion. They are so confident about this product that they boldly claim to be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. Also, Mike is proud that the whole manufacturing process happens in the United States. Meaning, when you buy any of My Pillow’s products, you are also supporting your fellow Americans keep their jobs.

What Makes My Pillow Standout?

  • Material

    Unlike any other pillows in the market, My Pillow features a patented 3-piece interlocking fill. However, if you will closely examine the content, it has thousands of torn polyurethane foam pieces in three sizes. This allows the pillow to adjust to the contour of your head and neck providing optimum support. Also, the pillowcase is made of 100% cotton and does not have any distinct smell.

  • Warranty

    You’ll love My Pillow’s 60-day money back guarantee. Should you feel that it fell short of your expectations, you can get the money back less the shipping cost. Your refund will be processed within 30 days from the day that the product was received. Aside from this, the manufacturer also offers a 10-year limited warranty. This guarantee covers the assurance that My Pillow will never go flat regardless of repeated washing and drying. If the product fails this test, you will receive a replacement pillow with an equal or greater value.

  • Machine Washable And Dryable

    Unlike other pillows in the market, My Pillow is 100% machine washable and dryable. It is recommended to wash the pillow at least every four months.

Unboxing My Pillow

As a curious pillow hunter, I earlier tried using My Pillow to see if the hype and testimonials I see online are indeed true. I bought a queen-sized pillow from their website. A few days later, I finally got it. At first glance, I immediately noticed the size of the box. It is fairly smaller that the dimensions of the pillow on the website. Later, I found out that it’s all about packaging. They rolled the pillow inside to fit the box.

  • Why Is It Thin And Lumpy?

    After opening the box, I instantly noticed that it is extremely thin. Good thing I saw a round orange sticker saying with a very important instruction. Apparently, you need to put the pillow in the dryer for a few spins first to activate its filings. Not long after spinning it in the dryer it tripled its volume. You may also notice that the pillow is a bit lumpy inside. However, that is normal. Apparently, the patented polyurethane foams inside come in different sizes. However, it is true that whatever form you want to mold the pillow into, it holds and never flattens.

  • My First Few Nights With My Pillow

    To be as objective as I could, I used My Pillow exactly how I used other pillows in the past. I slept the same time and had the same workload during the day. After a few nights, I noticed no pain that I usually feel in my neck in the morning. More importantly, I feel my back is well-rested and relaxed. Moreover, those lumps that I noticed earlier do not make the pillow uncomfortable. Instead, it makes the pillow adjust to whatever sleeping position you have.

I may not be a scientific researcher, but I did try my own test about My Pillows ability not to get flat. I placed a 50-kg kettlebell on top of it overnight. The following day, I was amazed by the result. My Pillow remained firm and fluffy. Indeed, this could be the last set of pillow I’ll ever buy.

My Personal Assessment

There’s no better way to test My Pillow other than using it. It was indeed comfortable and soothing for my neck and head. I did not personally notice the difference on the first night. However, after a couple more days, I noticed that I woke up with zero pain in my back and neck. More importantly, I didn’t have to use two pillows behind my neck. A single My Pillow is enough. After 7 months, I’m still using the same pair. I make it a habit of washing it every two months because of my allergies. So far, I am a very satisfied customer. Without a doubt, My Pillow helps me achieve the best night sleep.

Other My Pillow Products

To provide a holistic approach in providing comfortable sleep to its customers, My Pillow offers a wide range of other products.

My Pillow Bed Topper

My Pillow Bed Topper


My Pillow Topper is a product of technology and ingenuity. Using the most advanced technology and creative minds, they’ve come up with a product like no other. In fact, The National Sleep Foundation considers it as its official bed topper. More importantly, it won’t cost you as much as other brands.

The My Pillow Topper Advantage:

So what benefits will the customers get from buying a My Pillow Bed Topper?

  • The MyPillow Topper is made with CertiPUR-US® certified foams

  • It is available at 3-inch thickness that ensures optimum support and comfortability

  • It creates a “Zero Gravity” effect through High-Density Support Foam Cradles. However, it is not too soft nor too firm.To maintain just the right temperature, it has ThermaPhase Gel Technology

  • Includes a zippered removable cover

  • It is very portable that you can bring it to hunting, camping, and RVs

  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and 5-year warranty

  • No wires, fans, and other moving parts

  • Very affordable compared to other brands

My Pillow Bed Topper guarantees your deep, peaceful sleep without any back or neck pain.




What is the best way to protect your pillow? The answer is simple. Only My Pillow Giza 88 Bed Pillow cases can do the trick for you. They are 100% certified Egyptian cotton that comes with a 4-inch hem. In addition, they guarantee that it is durable and “extra long staple.” In fact, the cotton fibers are specifically grown with the highest levels of quality. Meaning you can expect optimum softness, durability, and comfortability.

Generally, their pillow cases come in a set of two. Regardless of the size of your pillow, they have everything you need. Moreover, you may choose from a wide selection of colors that will match your bedroom’s theme. Prices range from $$ to $$ per set depending on the size. Similar to bed toppers, these cases have a 60-day money back guarantee. Also, you can enjoy an irresistible 10-year warranty offered by Mike Lindell.

Giza 88 pillowcases are also machine washable and dryable. My friend is using an Ivory King Pillow Set for over 6 months now. She really loves how soft and fluffy it is, and the fact that her pillow cases did not cause her allergies.

Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets


Your bedding package will never be complete with Giza Dreams My Pillow Bedsheet products. According to Mike, he has searched the world to find the best cotton fabric. All the while, he thought that Egyptian cotton is already the best. However, he found out that there is a specific type of cotton grown in Giza that is the best among all. Thus, he brought this material back to the US and created the Giza Dreams.

My Pillow’s Giza Dreams also come with a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee. Choose from 7 stylish colors like white, taupe, blue, ivory, and more.


Can you relate to our article today? Did you have any sleeping problems? Have you tried using My Pillow before? Tell us how it’s been by leaving comments below. Also, do share this article with your friends and family suffering of sleep deprivation.

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This is Sandra McElroy. My mission is to help BedtimeFriends readers research, & pick mattresses & various other sleep products that suit their needs, & budget.
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