Marriage And Snoring: Is Your Partner’s Snoring Affects Your Sleep?

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It is not only the one who snores that is being affected by sleep deprivation and stress. Your partner also pays dearly for your snoring problem and so does the relationship.

That’s why we have put up solutions for a snoring partner for a restful sleep.

Is A Snoring Partner Affects Your Good Night’s Sleep?

Is A Snoring Partner Affects Your Good Night's Sleep?

In recent studies on snoring and intimacy in a relationship, there are several recent statistics showing numbers as high as 80% of couples finding themselves too tired for sexual relations directly due to lack of sleep from a snoring partner.

With loud snoring men, many women end up moving into another room for some peace and quiet just to get a full night of restful sleep. Couples find themselves tired and sleep deprived and separated by walls, sleeping at the opposite ends of their home. It is easy to see how this would put a big damper upon any relationship. Part of the reason for a couple to sleep in the same bed is for the direct closeness and intimacy subconsciously drawn from the physical closeness.

It has been a proven fact that more sexual relations happens between those who sleep together in marriage, than those who sleep separately due to the physical closeness.

Sleep deprivation is proven to put a stop to many normal daily activities and includes sexual relations with your partner, because of being too tired to be in the mood, overall grumpiness from lack of sleep starts more disagreements. Studies have shown a link between erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea problems in regard to snoring.

How To Handle A Snoring Husband Or Wife?

There are many ways to handle a snoring partner depends on the severity of the snoring problem. Some of the first places to start are by putting a white noise machine in the shared bedroom, so to not be bothered by spousal snoring. This may only work if the snoring is not at the overall highest decibels or if your spouse is also using anti-snoring strips, anti-snoring sprays, mouth appliances or sleeping throughout the nights on their side instead of their back or stomach.

There are also outside factors that may be the cause of your spouse’s snoring which include allergies, congestion from colds, the overall foods eaten during the day, and especially before bed time. These causes of snoring can be resolved by using good decongestant medications or the fitting allergy medications, homeopathic or not does not matter as long as they work appropriately.

As far as daily diet intake of foods, milk and milk products can be the number one reason in causing night time mucus in the soft tissue throat and nose area. Make sure that there is no milk or milk products intake at night or go a little further with using only soy or rice milk and milk products.



If your or your partner’s snoring has gone beyond the many simple solutions, then it may be time to seek medical advice depending on the severity of the snoring condition. Whatever may be decided about handling any snoring issue, it is important to keep working together in finding the resolution instead of letting any level of snoring affecting the relationship.

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