Morning Motivation: Get Out Of Bed And Start Working Out With These 9 Tips

Morning Motivation: Get Out Of Bed And Start Working Out With These 9 Tips

Anyone who has ever tried working out first thing in the morning knows how hard it can be to drag yourself out of bed. Even when you're excited about working out, the soft call of your warm blankets can prevent you from acting. It's even worse when you're ambivalent or downright miserable about it: when you're dreading your morning routine, any excuse to hit the snooze button sounds like a good one.

That said, the morning is often the only time available for exercise, and the benefits of working out regularly can hardly be overstated. Fortunately, getting up in the morning to exercise doesn't have to be a struggle. Here are 9 tips to help you to get out of bed and starting working out every morning.

Use An Alarm Clock To Get To Bed On Time

Importance of a good mattress

This should be obvious, but getting to bed late is all too easy. You stay up to binge watch one more episode or scroll through one more feed and suddenly, it's midnight. Make a commitment to yourself to go to bed early, and enforce it by using an alarm clock. Just like you use a clock to wake yourself up in the morning, set your clock for bedtime and don't let distractions set you up for failure.

Get Restful Sleep Without Distractions

No matter how early you get to bed, if you're not sleeping well, you won't perform well the next day. Make sure your room is conducive to sleep, with no lights or distracting sounds. Use a white noise machine or app to block out unavoidable noises around you. If you have regular difficulty sleeping, talk to your doctor about resolving it. Sleep is necessary for success, with no exceptions.

Wake Up With The Right Alarm Clock

Alarm clock technology has come a long way in recent years. There are now alarm clocks that use music, light, or even vibration to wake up sleepers. Some alarm clocks simulate the sunrise, tricking your brain into producing hormones that lead to wakefulness.

If you're using a traditional alarm clock, try to pick a tone that is clear and neutral, like bells or chimes. You don't want to sleep through your alarm clock because you were dreaming through soothing music, nor do you want to wake up in a panic because the alarm sounds like a fire drill.

Move Your Alarm Clock

What to do when your bed is too soft

If you are prone to hitting the snooze button, consider moving your alarm clock far away from your bed. This will make sure that you actually get out of bed and stand up to deal with the alarm. By the time you've left your bed, the battle is half won. But be careful not to move it so far that you can't clearly hear it in the morning.

Sleep In Your Clothes

What to do when your bed is too firm

Specifically, sleep in your workout clothes. They are probably comfortable enough for sleeping in, and it saves you a crucial step in the morning. It's much harder to convince yourself to stay in bed when you're already dressed to go. Sleeping in your workout clothes is as much a psychological trick as a time saver, and it works well as both.

Have Something To Look Forward To

Maybe it's a pre-workout beverage that doesn't weigh you down. Maybe it's meeting up with a friend or listening to the newest podcast. You'll have more of an incentive to get out of bed if you give yourself something to look forward to besides exercising. While it's good to reward yourself after a workout, it can be just as helpful to reward yourself for getting started.

Pick A Workout That You Love

Getting exercise doesn't need to be a chore, no matter what time of day it is. Although it's always going to take some effort, working out is a lot easier and more rewarding when it's an activity that you love. Whether you're running, lifting weights, swimming, or following along with a video at home, try to pick something that feels good once you've started.

If you can't think of any exercise that you love, think about what you did as a child. Dancing, jumping romp, and even skipping are all very good aerobic exercises!

Shower After Exercise

You probably already shower every morning, so incorporate that established habit into your exercise routine. If you always shower after working out, you'll begin to associate exercise with the pleasant sensation of being clean afterward. It's the perfect way to start your morning, and you'll have more energy throughout the day.

Make It A Habit

Good habits, just like bad ones, are formed over time. It may be difficult to get going some mornings but keep at it. Try to get up at the same time every day, even if you aren't planning to work out. Better yet, work out every single morning, just mix up the style and intensity of your exercise.

Once you've established a morning routine and stuck with it for six weeks, your chances of keeping it skyrocket. With good, consistent exercise habits, your mornings have never looked brighter.

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