Five Ways To Create A Beautiful Bedroom On A Budget

Five Ways To Create A Beautiful Bedroom On A Budget

Making your home attractive for yourself and your family does not have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, many times you have just what you need right on hand to make improvements in any room in your house. With these few tips, you will be able to make changes that are simple but also dramatic. Take a look!

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Five Ways To Create A Beautiful Bedroom On A Budget


Once you decide which colors you like for your room, you are on your way. Take a look at how the room comes across currently, and remove all decorative items, bed linens, pillows, rugs, pictures, paintings, furniture, and draperies or curtains that just do not fit in your overall color wave and style vision for the room. Don't panic! The items that you remove will be used elsewhere, sold, donated, or recreated. As you stand in your room, consider these things: the size of the room, the paint color, the flooring, the overhead lighting, the trim, and the doors.



One of the least expensive ways to give an area a facelift is with paint. To paint the average bedroom will require 1-2 gallons of paint. If you are fearless and want a dramatic, textured effect, go online to learn the skill and numerous techniques offered by faux painting. The ceiling and floor trim, as well as the doors in the room, are always beautiful when painted with a shade of white or off-white. But don't be afraid of painting the trim and the ceiling a color that is in your color theme.


Bed Covering

Now is the time for the bed covering decision. You may already have a neutral duvet, bedspread, quilt, or comforter that will work. That means that you would only have to make or buy throw pillows. Alternative colors that work well with natural colors are black, gray, beige, navy, soft yellow, and tan. Throws, sheets, and curtains in these same colors will make a soothing addition.

If you choose a Bohemian or gypsy motif, anything goes. If you are careful and thoughtful about your choices, your color choices can vary considerably. Consider a solid bed cover, multi-colored throw pillows, a solid throw in one of the pillow colors, embellished lampshades, and colorful rag rugs. Some of that furniture you removed, in the beginning, could be painted and moved right back into your bedroom.


Essential Decorating Rules

You do not need an interior designer by your side to assist you in furniture and decorative object placement. Designers are fabulous if your budget allows, but you have everything you need to build a space that is inviting, comfortable, cozy, and useable. Here are the essential rules:

  • Do not line up your furniture along the walls of your boudoir.
  • ​Soften the corners! A bedroom looks so much more inviting if the corners are not forgotten. Use plants, a furniture grouping with a lamp, or a corner shelf. You will notice the difference.
  • ​If the room is big enough find ways to break up the area such as screens, plants, loveseats, benches, or consoles.
  • ​When placing decorative objects, grouping items in odd numbers is visually more appealing. That would mean three objects or five objects in a setting.
  • ​Use books, risers, or other pieces to assure that objects are on different levels. No straight line of matching candlesticks, please.
  • ​Also, vary the sizes of the objects in an ornamental grouping.
  • Use ambient lighting.

Reuse Objects

Now's the time to take a second look at the things you removed from the room in the beginning. You'll find that many of the objects and much of the furniture is still useable after being painted, refurbished, or recovered. Throw pillows are remarkably easy to recover and fabric seconds work fine for this project. Some the items may work in other places in the house, some donated to charity, and some might be sold to buy that fabric you need for your throw pillows!

The idea is not to be afraid of diving into redecorating. There are so many inexpensive spots online that sell textiles, paint, cushion covers, curtains, and bedspreads, so money is not the problem. You can do anything you set your mind to doing. Jump out of your comfort zone and make that bedroom cheerful, happy, cozy, and attractive. Go ahead!

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