Different Kinds Of Bed Linens: Which One Should You Get?

SandraMcelroyBy SandraMcelroyNov 21, 20170

Did you ever buy Indian cotton bed linen, bed linen of Egyptian cotton or you prefer to buy only cheap cotton linen?

We would like to make for you useful article about different kinds of cotton bed linen.

Conditions of our life today make a print for our minds, we became more require from goods, and today it’s not too difficult to find necessary information, so we have a more balanced approach to making a purchase.

Different Types Of Linens

Different Types Of Linens

  • Cotton bed linen

    First what makes cotton bed linen the best, of course, is 100% of cotton. Before buying a bed linen set, check does it have some chemical additives or only 100% purified cotton bed linen.

  • India or Egyptian cotton bed linen

    It doesn’t matter if it linen from India or Egyptian cotton bed linen, you need to find a minute for researching information on the package and closely watch at the fabric. For example, good Egyptian cotton sheets must have the density of weaving of not less than 160 threads per square inch, the string must consist of a long cotton fiber, previously well combed. Such cotton bed linen has high durability and wear-resistance, also it saves its softness for a long time. Egyptian cotton bed linen was recognized as the best in the world, because it’s not only soft, but still has an incredibly high quality fabric density and delivers a very pleasant sensations of touch. Such bed linen is a bit cool.

Other Things To Consider

Other Things To Consider

After shop we recommend to wash your new set of bed linen before using, it needs for opening its best qualities and make it maximally comfortable. You need to turn inside out duvet cover and pillowcases before washing. If you have a set colored linen, will be better for you to use washing powder with minimal content of bleaching agents or special powder for colored linen.

In such way you will be able to save juicy bright colors and paints, and figure doesn’t fade. If you want to save its softness, we don’t recommend to wash it with synthetic textile. The fibers of organic fabric are softer and you need to avoid their contact with rude synthetic fibers. Don’t forget to sort cotton bed linen by colors and temperature conditions.

This is Sandra McElroy. My mission is to help BedtimeFriends readers research, & pick mattresses & various other sleep products that suit their needs, & budget.
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