Different Forms And Shapes Of Under Bed Storage For Bedroom Organizing

SandraMcelroyBy SandraMcelroyDec 14, 20170

Under bed storage comes in several shapes and forms. One of the most simple ways in which you can arrange under bed storage is simply by putting ordinary cardboard boxes or whatever other kind of storage containers you have in the space underneath a bed. However, there are also special kinds of under bed storage containers that you can use.

Some people use the space that is below their beds for under bed shoe storage or for under bed clothing storage, while still other people choose to put whatever they have that does not fit in the closet under their bed for additional all purpose storage space. With that, here are some of the advantages you can get out of under bed storage:

  • If you want to have your clothes for the day as close to the place where you sleep as possible, under bed storage drawers may be the answer. Most people who keep their clothes under their bed use under bed storage drawers that may be attached to the frame (or be bought as a part of the bed frame; this is a particularly common feature among some kinds of children’s futon beds).

  • Other under bed storage plans for things that are commonly used such as shoes and socks may make use of under bed storage container products that are made of clear plastic.

  • These large see-through containers make it easy to handle your footwear with under the bed storage and keep your things well organized in underbed storage bins so they do not get scattered all over the place and lost in a mess below your bed.

  • Under bed storage beds are beds that are designed with the idea of storing things below them in mind; however most beds have some sort of space below the mattress and the frame that allows you to store just about anything that you want there.



Not every kind of bed is a bed with storage underneath, however. If you are buying some kind of platform bed or a captain’s bed you are unlikely to be able to carry out your various under bed storage ideas.

Just be sure to think about storage and whether you want to make use of under bed storage for any reason (or are likely to want to do so in the future) when you decide on the kind of bed you want to purchase to avoid running into trouble later on keeping your clothes and various bed room things organized with under bed storage.

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