Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use – Reviews And Buying Guide 2018

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Sweet Dreams With The Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use

Some call them sleeping pads, while others know them by the names of air mattresses and air beds. They are becoming increasingly common due to their durability, affordability, portability and other advantages. Especially when it comes to relieving backache and other sleep-related medical problems, they are second to none. They are essentially composed of PVC, or rubber or latex, and you fill them with air instead of using a foam or spring inside. These mattresses are today more common than the foam mattresses while trying to compete with the spring mattresses as surveyed by PR Newswire.

Air mattresses suit a variety of purposes, and they are available in dozens of varieties. And, an equally huge number of brands are offering each type with different features. So it can be rather confusing to select the best air mattress for everyday use which suits your needs the best. However, it’s crucial that you get the perfect one as WebMd states, your mattress is the first and foremost step towards a peaceful sleep. This review will help you get a basic know-how about each type and serves as a guide to the best air mattresses available right now in the market.

Our Best 5 Picks

  • Sound Asleep Comfort Series Air Mattress
  • Rank 1
  • Our Rating: (5 / 5)
  • Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattress
  • Rank 2
  • Our Rating: (4.7 / 5)
  • Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress
  • Rank 3
  • Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)
  • AeroBed Classic Air Mattress
  • Rank 4
  • Our Rating: (4.3 / 5)
  • Coleman Support Rest Double High Airbed
  • Rank 5
  • Our Rating: (4 / 5)

**Below, you’ll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

Factors To Consider While Buying An Air Mattress

In the case of air mattresses, there’s a huge probability for first-time buyers that they might fall prey to irrational purchase. Remember, a good night’s sleep can lead to a happy lifestyle as reported by Cornell Chronicle. So, let us help you narrow down your hunt by enlisting the factors to consider while buying an air mattress:



The most expensive one might not always be the best one for you. With a bit of research, it’s possible to get your hands on the air mattress which serves the purpose very well without being heavy in your pocket. It’s obvious that you don’t need each and every ‘wow’ feature in air mattresses. They come with the basic features which will just do the right job while the luxurious ones provide the extra comfort. There would certainly be some features which you can compromise on and still be very satisfied with what your mattress is providing. So make sure you do not pay extra bucks for something you don’t even need. Set your budget and stick to it.



The air mattresses are available in many different sizes and the most suitable size for you depends on the purpose of use and the space you have. They can range from a small sleeping pad to a huge king size air bed. It all depends on how many people would be using it and where you would place it.


Nature Of Use

Nature Of Use

It’s one of the most decisive factors which would greatly determine the type of air mattress you should choose. There are a variety of purposes for which an air mattress can be used. Let’s see how it would affect your choice:

As A Permanent Bed

If you choose to use an air mattress for your everyday use as a permanent bed, you may prefer to go for a bigger one i.e. a queen size or king size mattress. Besides, there are other features available with the air mattresses being built for permanent use.

For instance, some air mattresses for permanent use come with the rails and frames which provide the mattress with the required height. It also helps keep the mattress from getting uncomfortably cold from the floor. Moreover, separate rails and stands are also available on the market for almost all sizes of permanent mattresses. Make sure you choose the ones which are durable and thick and yet foldable.

When it comes to the price, the permanent air mattresses would obviously be expensive than the others. However, they are cheaper than the regular foam or spring mattresses.


As A Guest Bed

Air mattresses perfectly combine the features of saving space, portability, and great comfort. They are ideal for entertaining the guests at home or can also be carried for a sleepover to a friend’s place. One of the great choices for guest air beds is convertible air beds. They are a pair of twin beds which you can either use separately or combine to make a large size single bed.

So you can host all types of guests with dignity. If you are expecting single friends, you can use these twin mattresses separately. However, if a couple is gracing your home, you can combine the twin beds to make a large single bed.

Moreover, raised beds are also a good choice as guest beds. These aren’t supported by rails or frames but are still considerably high from the ground when inflated. It gives a comfortable night’s sleep to your guests without letting the mattress get too cold.

For Outdoor Usage

If you are going to use an air mattress for camping, you should obviously go for the ones which are compact enough to fit into your tent, lightweight enough to carry easily and comfortable enough to replace an air bag. You can also go for a twin size small air mattress as it is very portable and comfortable and would not take much space.

Type Of Air Pump

Type Of Air Pump

Air mattresses can be inflated by either an external pump or an internal, built-in one.

  • The external pumps may further have several types. For instance, you can go for a manual external pump which requires you to use your feet. Although it’s cheap, it needs a bit of hard work. On the other hand, there are external electrical pumps available in the market as well. Though external pumps are cheap, if they are lost, you would have to invest again

  • The internal pumps help you adjust the air pressure through a knob. They have an advantage over the external ones as there’s no risk of losing the pump. Moreover, these pumps make it easy to adjust the level of firmness according to your preference. They also take less time to inflate the mattress. However, they are a bit expensive than the external ones


You may not have an idea how much your mattress height matters when it comes to the quality of sleep. The Dreams Website stresses the height to be one of the decisive factors in how peacefully you sleep through the night.

When it comes to the height or thickness, there are two types of air mattresses available in the market: the raised air mattress and the low-profile air mattress. Let’s see what each of these have to offer:

  • Raised Air Mattress

    A raised air mattress is a common type as it provides a traditional experience. Mostly, it comes with an attached platform to keep it higher from the ground. It is easier to get off from such mattress, and it provides great comfort. However, it needs more space in comparison to a low profile mattress.

  • Low Profile Air Mattress

    Although they are cheaper than the former, they lack an attached base. You might not find them to be as comfortable as the raised ones. However, they are comparatively cheaper and also have a wider range of use. They are ideal at home as well as for camping. Their portability is higher than raised beds.



The extent of firmness you prefer is also a critical factor to consider, especially for those having back problems. When it comes to the soft and hard levels, a variety of air mattresses is available in the market. Some air mattresses give an adjustable level of firmness on both sides separately. If you are co-sleeping and your partner prefers a different firmness than you do, both of you can adjust it according to your preferences.


Here Are Our 05 Best Air Mattresses To choose

1. Sound Asleep Comfort Series Air Mattress

Sound Asleep Comfort Series Air Mattress


With a soaring high user satisfaction after thousands of reviews, this state of the art air mattress comfortably beats its competitors with excellent performance.

More features to consider:


  • First of all, it’s a raised air mattress which makes it a great one either for personal or guest purposes

  • It has two separate air chambers which mean that you can adjust the firmness of both sides separately if you and your partner have different preferences

  • Moreover, it comes with an internal pump which makes inflating and deflating easier. It doesn’t take more than 4 minutes to get fully inflated, and there’s no fear of losing the pump

  • It comes in ideal queen size

  • Its surface is very soft and gentle. Moreover, it’s waterproof


  • Although the Sound Asleep Air Mattress comes with great features, they come at a comparatively higher price.

2. Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattress

Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattress


It’s yet another great air mattress, and it suits well for outdoor use due to great features. Let’s explore its features:

More features to consider:


  • The AeroBed Classic Air Bed is available in both twin and queen size. This feature makes it great for outdoor use as well as at home or for kids and guests

  • It has a soft fleece surface for extra comfort

  • Moreover, it is very lightweight which makes it portable

  • Besides, an external pump is available in the packageThe mattress can be fully inflated using the pump in less than 5 minutes

  • Another great thing about AeroBed Classic is that it comes at a relatively low price and delivers the best quality for money


  • It’s a low profile bed which might not suit your guests

  • The external pump could get lost, and you may need to buy another one

3. AeroBed Classic Air Mattress

AeroBed Classic Air Mattress



  • The best thing about Sound Asleep camping series is that it comes with a rechargeable internal pump

  • The powerful external pump makes it possible to inflate the bed in less than 3 minutes. The rechargeable battery of the pump can be charged not only at home but also with a car charger on your way to the trip

  • It’s one of the most durable air mattresses for outdoor use due to its I-Beam technology

  • Moreover, one of the cool things about this mattress is that it’s available in both twin and queen sizes. This makes it perfect for both outdoor use and as a guest bed at home or for your kids

  • It comes with a carrying pouch to make it portable

  • It comes with one year warranty


  • One of the disadvantages associated with an external pump is that if lost, you would have to invest again in a new pump.

  • One of the disadvantages associated with an external pump is that if lost, you would have to invest again in a new pump.

  • One of the disadvantages associated with an external pump is that if lost, you would have to invest again in a new pump.

4. Coleman Support Rest Double High Airbed

Coleman Support Rest Double High Airbed



  • The additional height of this mattress makes it one of the closest ones to the traditional beds

  • Secondly, it’s available in both the queen size and twin size which makes it perfect for use at home and outdoor

  • The raised height keeps the mattress from getting cold

  • The airtight system makes it almost impossible for the air to escape, thus keeping the mattress inflated and it would never go flat

  • Moreover, it comes with a carrying pouch for easy portability

  • It is an excellent remedy for backache

  • Besides, the double height also makes it easy to get on and off the bed


  • The package doesn’t include a pump, and you have to buy one for yourself

  • It gives a strong unwanted odor when unpacked and hence needs to be inflated a couple of days before use

5. Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress

Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress



  • It’s one of the good looking air mattresses available in the market with quality features

  • It has an additional height to give you the feel of a traditional bed while maintaining the advantages of an air mattress

  • Moreover, it comes with a built-in internal pump and you can inflate quickly

  • It’s comfortable, and though it has additional height, it’s yet very lightweight

  • It’s washable in machine

  • Besides, it comes with 30 days full money back guarantee

  • Another great thing about Restoration Air Mattress is that it is hypoallergenic


  • The big size and extra height of the mattress and extra weight make it not so easily portable and not an excellent choice for outdoor use

  • It is available only in queen size

In Conclusion

Air mattresses are quickly replacing the traditional spring or foam mattresses due to their additional benefits. They are cheap, portable, and durable. Moreover, they provide a great solution to problems related to sleep deprivation. They also help soothe back ache by providing better sleep position.

Cleveland Clinic also stresses the importance of well-supported spine position during sleep for reducing back pain. Air mattresses are known for providing better comfort to your spine as you sleep.

However, you cannot benefit from the advantages associated with an air mattress unless you make a smart purchase. I hope this review is helpful in choosing the perfect air mattress for you.

As for me, I prefer SoundAsleep Comfort Series Air mattress. However, it may not be the same for you as you would have specific needs. Do let us know which one you choose and how it’s working for you.

This is Sandra McElroy. My mission is to help BedtimeFriends readers research, & pick mattresses & various other sleep products that suit their needs, & budget.
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