About Me

Greetings everyone, my name is Sandra McElroy (founder and author of Bedtime Friends). Like most people, I’m quite aware and know first hand just how uncomfortable and terrible the mattress and pillow shopping experience can be. It’s a quagmire of complex details and differences, pushy salesmen, resulting in an overall complicated and intimidating buyer’s nightmare. I loathed it.

I started Bedtime Friends as an option to the old school way of buying mattresses in department shops. This website is dedicated to buyers like me who prefer and crave to make their own informed decisions without being compelled by anybody.

My mission is simple. It’s my intention to help Bedtime Friends readers discover, research, and pick mattresses and various other sleep products that suit their unique needs, wishes, and budget.

I frequently come across review websites that are biased and backed up by companies that sell those products or the prejudiced experience of a single person who tried a product for a few minutes or so. That’s why I have an entirely distinct approach. Whenever I write about any product, I search for as much information as I can discover, then examine it and subsequently summarize it for my readers. I thoroughly plow the web in quest of genuine and sincere reviews by hundreds of real users, who purchase the mattress or a pillow with their hard earned money and try to get the best out of their investment. It’s by hearing to them that we can actually understand if a product is as great as advertised and the common pros and complaints. By listening to them, we know so much better than what we could discover and learn in our own little moment with the product.

I believe this approach is relevant and appropriate since I consider my readers as smart people who can think sensibly.

I strive to present only unbiased and real reviews for the best products available on the market. You won’t notice any bad products on the website because I decline to grant these products any more publicity. I just desire the best for myself, and I wish to help you discover the same – the best sleep products.

I’m a happy mother and wife. When I’m not cooking and writing reviews, I fill my free moments with my loving boy and girl, and we enjoy our nap time as a family.