How To Select The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers How To Select The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

The CDC website points out an astonishing figure of about 50 to 70 million people suffering from sleep disorders in America alone. They are unable to sleep adequately due to several reasons. It's due to this alarming figure safe remedies like mattress toppers are getting increasingly common. There's a wide variety of mattress toppers available in the market. It can be a daunting task to choose the one that suits your needs. Our complete buying guide will help you avoid the confusion and frustration of ending up with the wrong topper. We present factors that matter in buying a mattress topper and comparison of the best mattress topper for side sleepers.

A mattress topper is an extra layer or padding placed on top of the regular mattress. It not only protects your mattress from wear but provides the extra comfort you need for a peaceful slumber. Those having a back ache can benefit from this extra padding as it helps keep the spine in a comfortable posture. The University of Rochester Medical Center states that you must choose a mattress that supports the natural curves of the spine.

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Don't Confuse A Mattress Topper With A Mattress Pad

One of the biggest mistakes most buyers make while buying a mattress topper is to confuse it with a mattress pad. No wonder, they end up buying the wrong product altogether. A mattress pad is a relatively thinner layer of fabric as compared to a mattress topper. Moreover, the big difference is the purpose both of them serve. A mattress pad is made merely to protect your mattress from wear.

However, a mattress topper has more to do with you instead of your mattress. It's made to provide the extra comfort during your sleep. Though it does protect the mattress as well, that's not why it's made for. Moreover, the level of comfort that a mattress topper provides is higher than that of a mattress pad. Due to this reason, the former is comparatively expensive.You might have had a previous experience of selecting a mattress pad while your intention is to choose a topper. So, first you need to differentiate a pad from a topper.

Mattress Topper Buying Guide - Factors To Consider

When it comes to a rational purchase, there are some factors which you must not overlook. Here's a brief description of what you should look for while buying a mattress topper:


Type Of Mattress Topper

Type of Mattress Topper

When it comes to mattress toppers, there are as many as ten different varieties available in the market. It makes the selection even more complicated especially for the first time buyers. Here's a brief description of most commonly available types to help you narrow down your selection:

  • A cooling mattress topper is made of a gel which provides a cooling effect to the body. It's suitable if your mattress gets too warm or you are living in more temperate climate. Moreover, those with excessive sweating problem can also get a peaceful sleep by using this topper
  • A memory foam topper provides extra support to your back and neck by wrapping them gently as you sleep on it. However, it may trap heat from your body making it feel warm
  • A pillow top mattress topper is a cheaper but thinner topper. Moreover, it has less firm in comparison to other varieties
  • A latex mattress topper is a rather firmer one that provides extra support and lift to your body. Besides, they are environment-friendly. However, if you prefer a soft touch, you may not like it. It also gives an odor after it's unpacked for some time
  • The feather toppers are made of goose feathers. These are much softer and feel gentle on your body. However, if you are looking for some extra support or allergic to certain materials, it isn’t your pick
  • The fiber toppers are a good alternative to feather ones as they provide the softness of feathers but are hypoallergenic. Moreover, they are a much cheaper choice
  • Wool Toppers have an advantage of keeping the temperature cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. It results in a soothing slumber. They are available in a reasonable price range

Budget & Cost

Budget & Cost

When it comes to the price, the mattress toppers can range from below hundred to hundreds of dollars. Depending upon the type you choose and the purpose your topper serves, there can be a great price variation. It all depends on what features you would like to have and compromise. Set a maximum budget you are willing to spend on your quality of sleep and then stick to it.


Density And Level Of Firmness

Density and Level of Firmness

Mattress toppers are available in a range of different density levels. As you move towards denser varieties, a topper becomes thicker and firmer. Hence, it also becomes more supportive. However, if you prefer to keep that softer feel, you may like to go for a moderate density. The density is directly related to the level of firmness. The denser it gets, the firmer it is, and hence it becomes less soft. Those looking for relief to their back ache or neck pain may prefer comparatively denser, more supportive toppers. The denser toppers are also generally more durable ones.


Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

Your general sleep position is also a very decisive factor when it comes to buying a perfect mattress topper. Those who sleep on their back most of the time would prefer a firmer topper to keep their spine in perfect alignment. However, the side sleepers may feel more comfort in the softer and less dense toppers. For a vast majority who are combination sleepers, moderate firmness would do.

5 Best Mattress Toppers To Choose

Here's a list of the best mattress toppers available in the market along with their pros and cons. We hope it would help you choose the one that suits your needs:


ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper


It's one of the best mattress toppers available in the market with incredible customer satisfaction. It is hard to find a negative aspect about this mattress topper due to its great overall performance:

More features to consider:


  • It is available in as many as eight different sizes which means a perfect size is available for almost every mattress
  • Best thing that I like about this mattress is that it is made of bamboo which doesn’t get excessively warm and maintains a moderate temperature
  • DermNet New Zealand points out that a lot of allergies can be caused by the chemicals used in different fabrics. Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress topper is naturally hypoallergenic as it is filled with RevLoft Cluster Fiber.
  • It comes with an amazing 100% money back guarantee which shows how confident the manufacturers are about its quality
  • Besides, when it comes to firmness and support, it has a medium level of firmness which works well for side sleepers
  • It is indeed environment-friendly


  • Although the features offered by this mattress topper are unmatched, the price is on the higher side as compared to others.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Here's yet another great choice especially for those looking to relieve a backache and get a great support while they sleep. 


  • If you are a side sleeper, this mattress is a perfect choice for you as it provides the perfect level of firmness and support
  • It works well for those who are investing in a mattress topper due to back or neck issues. It helps relieve the pain in the lower back and also supports the neck
  • Moreover, Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper is available in 6 different sizes
  • Another great feature of this mattress topper is it allows air to pass through it due to its open-cell technology. Its memory foam is highly breathable and due to great air flow, it doesn’t trap excess heat. It stays moderately cool
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Its design makes it a highly stable mattress topper. It does not toss or turn as you move from your back to one side or change sides during sleep
  • Moreover, it comes with a microfiber cover which provides protection to your mattress and the topper


  • If you prefer softer mattress topper, this isn’t a great choice for you. It is considerably firm.

All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper


If you are looking for a quality mattress topper with decent features at a low price, this one is certainly your pick. Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers


  • It comes in four different sizes to choose from
  • It is filled with microfiber and is naturally hypoallergenic
  • The All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper provides great relief for those suffering from allergies
  • It is a memory foam mattress topper and provides support to your back and neck. It’s equally comfortable if you are a side sleeper
  • Moreover, it delivers great value for money. It’s a comparatively cheaper option for those who are investing for the first time in a mattress topper
  • Besides, it is machine washable


  • If your body doesn’t conform to the firmness of a memory foam, this mattress topper may not be your pick.

Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper


This is a state of the art mattress topper with unique, unbeatable features which give it a great customer rating. Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers


  • Sleep Innovations’ 4 Inch Dual Layer mattress topper is one of its kind because it is very dense and yet among the softest toppers
  • It is made up of a couple of inches of gel memory foam. Gel memory foam is very popular when it comes to avoiding extra heat and provides a cooling sensation during sleep.
  • The gel memory foam is combined with another couple inches of soft fiber filling. It makes the mattress topper into a very gentle and soft layer. It pampers your body as you enjoy sweet dreams.
  • The cover is washable by hand and in a washing machine
  • This mattress topper is available in 5 different sizes
  • Moreover, it comes with ten years warranty
  • It doesn’t lose its shape after years of use


  • No doubt this mattress topper is a great option for those looking for a softer, lighter option. However, if you want to get some extra support to your back, neck and hip, you may prefer other alternatives
  • It is way too expensive when you compare it to other brands

Sleep Joy 2” Visc02 Memory Foam Mattress Topper


This is yet another decent mattress topper with competitive features at a reasonable price.


  • It is available in 5 different sizes
  • Secondly, it is made up of a memory foam which is very breathable. It allows some air to pass through its open cells thus not allowing it to get excessively warm
  • It works well when it comes to relieving pressure
  • Moreover, this mattress topper provides a comfortable, soft sleep experience
  • It is an environment-friendly mattress topper as it is made of plant based ingredients
  • Considering the features, it offers, the price is quite reasonable


  • Though it does provide a bit of support to your back, shoulders, and neck. However, for those with severe back problems you might have to prefer a firmer option


Although, it does cost some extra bucks to buy a perfect mattress topper, but it is worth it. There's no alternative to a peaceful sleep. Spending a few extra dollars on mattress topper can save you from long-term costs related to inadequate sleep. WebMD indicates it can lead to such serious long-term problems as heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and others. So it is worth investing in your sleep.

Getting a comfortable, soothing mattress top can help you enhance the quality of your sleep. If I were to choose one for myself, I would personally go for Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper. It is an all-rounder when it comes to sleep position as well as the level of firmness. Although it may seem a bit expensive, it delivers total value for money. However, your choice may vary depending on your personal preferences. Do let us know if this review is of any help in choosing the perfect mattress topper.

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